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Perfect Facebook Ad Template for Generating Bookings


OK, we lied a little. There is no ‘perfect’ Facebook Ad that generates millions in bookings. However, there are a number of important elements to include within a Facebook Ad that can make all the difference between a campaign being hugely successful, or resulting in a big fat flop.

Include the location

If your venue offers kids birthday parties in London, start your ad copy with “Kids Birthday Parties in London” or simply “London.” Seeing the name of the town or city they are located in or live close to is a great way to instantly grab peoples’ attention while browsing Facebook.

Offer a discount

When running Facebook Ads, it’s important to keep in mind that people seeing your ads are in ‘browsing’ mode, meaning you need to provide a good reason for them to stop scrolling and click on your ad. Special offers work extremely well within Facebook ads, because when people see a special offer within an ad, they feel some urgency to click on it, as they don’t know when they might see the ad again.

Clear description and call to action

Ensuring you include a clear description and a call to action within your ad means people need to think less, reduces decision paralysis, and ultimately leads to more clicks and bookings. Letting people know exactly what they need to do next is an important factor in all areas of digital marketing, from buttons on websites to call to actions within brochures, or in this case, Facebook Ads.


It sounds silly, but we’ve run hundreds of tests across many different ad formats and offerings, and we have found that the ads which include emojis within the primary text always perform better. Who are we to argue with the statistics?! We feel this has something to do with the fact that those little funny little images simply help the text to stand out. However, keep these relevant and don’t overdo it!

Relevant Imagery

We always recommend taking regular professional photography of your venue for use across all of your digital platforms, including your websites, social media and ads. If you’re offering kids birthday parties, your ad should feature kids having a fantastic time at a birthday party. People immediately relate to a photo or video, and make an emotional connection, which has a positive impact on their decision to click and book.


In conclusion, while there might not be a ‘perfect’ Facebook ad that guarantees millions in bookings, there are certainly key elements that can significantly improve your campaign’s success. Including your location, offering discounts, providing clear descriptions and calls to action, using emojis, and using relevant imagery are all crucial components to consider. So, while perfection may be elusive, these tactics can undoubtedly make a substantial difference in the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising efforts. Give them a try!

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