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7 Vital Elements You Need on Your Leisure Website


In today’s digital times, your website is often the first point of contact for potential customers seeking information and making bookings. To ensure your leisure venue makes a lasting impression, we’ve compiled a list of important elements that are instrumental in not only attracting visitors but also in converting them into loyal customers.

1. Booking Button

Whether you are linking to an external booking system, or the booking functionality is integrated into your website page, featuring a bright, eye-catching Booking button is a must on your Booking website. Include the button in the ‘sticky’ header area of your website so it is always visible, even when visitors scroll down the page.

2. Gallery

Including a gallery page offers potential customers a preview of the venue’s amenities and experiences. Showcasing your activities, facilities, food menu items, gift shop products and past visitor’s experiences can spark curiosity and encourage people to explore further and experience the venue for themselves first-hand.

3. Reviews

Social proof is so important in this day and age, and greatly influences customers’ online decisions. Featuring your reviews on your website is a good way of encouraging people to book. Consider using a free but trusted review platform, such as Google Reviews, and incentivise customers to leave reviews by offering them discounts and offers.

4. FAQs

Having a dedicated FAQs page on your leisure venue website offers a resource for your visitors to find the answers to those important questions they may have when planning a trip to your venue. This page is great for providing information about the venue, its offerings, your policies, and other practical details. The page can also be a big time saver, by reducing the amount of calls and emails from customers asking your staff the same questions over and over.

5. Directions

The last thing you want is for a visitor arriving late to your venue, in a bad mood, having gotten lost on the way! Whether visitors are using public transport, driving, or relying on other modes of travel, having directions available ensures a smooth journey and minimises any potential confusion or frustration.

6. Email List Opt-In

Email is a powerful marketing tool for Leisure, allowing venues to nurture relationships, drive attendance to events, and maintain top-of-mind awareness. Through strategic email campaigns, your Leisure venue can keep visitors engaged, informed, and excited about upcoming experiences, ultimately driving repeat visitors and contributing to long-term success.

7. Contact Details

This point may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many Leisure venue websites we come across where it’s difficult to find contact details! Without providing easily accessible phone numbers, email addresses, or a contact form, customers may question the business’ commitment to customer service. Whether it’s about booking or general feedback, providing clear contact details will allow your visitors to communicate confidently with the venue, which adds to the overall experience.


Each key element within a Leisure business website can play an important part in helping to enhance user experience, provide key information and ultimately drive bookings.

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